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We have been working on our new tissue culture lab and exotic plant collection. Stay in touch as we get new specimens in and add to our shop.


Welcome to Sea of Green Hydrogardens, we are base in Tempe Arizona as a brick and mortar Hydroponics garden center. With over 150+ years combined exerpierence in various cultivation methods, our mission is provide our communitiy with the know how to have a successful garden. We look for ways to improve your gardens and sometimes that involves both aethetics as well as function. Cultivation is an on going and expanding universe of new ideas, designs, and challenges that need to be addresed for garden and plants. To optiize your well-being, and create a sanctuary of greenery in any space. That's why we've carefully curated a selection of products that cater to all your indoor gardening and outdoor needs. From state-of-the-art grow lights and hydroponic systems to stylish planters and essential tools, we’ve got everything you need to create and maintain a lush indoor garden. Our values center around education and enjoyment. We’re committed to making gardening—both indoors and outdoors—a fun and accessible activity for everyone. Our team is passionate about plants and dedicated to helping you succeed. We’re here to offer expert advice, tips, and support every step of the way.


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